About Us

Bezat Video Group is a production company specializing in rich visuals, narrative entertainment and high end content. Our mission is to tell video stories for corporations, provide internet branding, commercials and documentaries at the highest level. From script to finished product we provide full video production services.

For our Silicon Valley clients we’ve created high end corporate image and branding projects, live broadcasts, music videos,  media for events and internal communications. We have produced documentary films on numerous subjects including: the 1890 Wounded Knee massacre, San Francisco history, the HP Way, and NUMMI. We have also produced cooking and food issue documentaries for Sunset Magazine, the country of Norway, a narrative about wild rice, the Fine Living Channel and farmer’s markets around the country.

What We Do

Corporate Image • Branding • Commercials • Sales/Marketing • Internet Video Campaigns • Product Introductions • Tradeshows and Events • Executive Training • Music Video • Digital Media and Graphics  • Documentaries

So What Separates Us From the Rest? 

One could call it passion and creativity, commitment to our art and craft.  Another characterization is our delivery of incredible quality with incredible value.  As you watch our demo material and as you talk with our references you will see and hear these aspects again and again: passion, quality, commitment, creativity, value.