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  • Avago Commercial

    Avago Commercial

    Length 1:30 min.   Short version of the corporate branding/image video for Avago Technologies. A rich visual impression of the products offered by Avago Technologies, 2013.

  • Agilent – Semiconductor Solutions

    Length 1:35 min.  “Semiconductor Solutions for a Connected World”.   Branding video detailing the use of Agilent semiconductors in everyday life. Client:  Agilent Technologies, 2008.

  • Quanta CB220 Product Intro

    Quanta CB220 Product Intro

    Length 8:23 min.  Quanta Computing, Inc. product introduction of the MESOS CB220 server for small and medium businesses.  Hosted by Ben Wu, this video provides a detailed look at an astounding product that can hold anywhere from 24 TBs to 247 TBs of storage,  2013.

  • Quanta and Microsoft

    Quanta and Microsoft

    Length 3:21 min.  One of four videos detailing Quanta and Microsoft working together to launch the MESOS CB220 server for small and medium sized businesses,  2013.

  • Cisco Culture

    Cisco Culture

    Length 1:31 min. Cisco Culture, personal views on how Cisco Culture works and encourages the employees. Client:  Cisco.

  • Cisco Shodor

    Cisco Shodor

    Length 2:10 min.  Cisco Shodor,  a Cisco customer profile of an educational internet startup in Durham, NC.  Client: Cisco.

  • Cisco Now

    Cisco Now

    Length :57 seconds.  Cisco NOW, a music video promoting the Cisco NOW technology lab on the go van.  Client:  Cisco.

  • Trend Micro – Windsor University

    Trend Micro – Windsor University

    Length: 4:36 min.  Trend Micro customer success story profiling the University of Windsor, Canada.  Client:  Trend Micro.

  • Trend Micro – Elbo Computing

    Trend Micro – Elbo Computing

    Length:  2:26 min.  Trend Micro and Elbo Computing.  A customer success story profiling Elbo Computing and their use of “Worry-Free Remote Manager”.  Client:  Trend Micro.

  • HP Universal Service Store

    HP Universal Service Store

    Length: :46 seconds. An excerpt from the longer video introducing HP’s Universal Service Story concept. We used a rich visual metaphor to inspire and connect with employees. Client: Hewlett-Packard.

  • HP Look A Little Closer

    HP Look A Little Closer

    Length: 3:20 min. “Look a Little Closer”, a branding video for HP NonStop servers. Client: Hewlett-Packard.

  • Hewlett-Packard E-services

    Hewlett-Packard E-services

    Length :45 seconds.  HP “Creating E-services Infrastructures”,  the title sequence from a longer video profiling three enterprise customers of HP’s.  Client: Hewlett-Packard.

  • Cisco Language Assistance

    Cisco Language Assistance

    Length:  3:35 min.  Cisco “Growing with Technology” award winner Language Assistance, Houston, TX.  They use Cisco network services to assist translation for non-English speaking patients.  Client: Cisco.

  • eBay Selling Basics

    eBay Selling Basics

    Length: 1:14 min.   The opening title sequence from eBay “Selling Basics”, a one hour broadcast television show.  Client: eBay.